A Federal judge overturns the national eviction ban

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6 weeks earlier than expected a Federal Judge has overturned the national eviction ban set forth because of Covid-19. This could mean trouble for tenants who cannot afford to pay rent or who hasn’t paid rent and are at risk of eviction. On the other side this decision will be relief for landlords who have struggled to maintain their investments due to the pandemic and the eviction moratorium. In NJ evictions are executed in order of filing so there is still time for many but for others the end of the road is nearby. Either way things are going to be starkly different in the days, weeks and months to come. 

What does this mean for you???

If you have had trouble paying rent during the pandemic then I hope you have been in communication with your landlord and also have been trying to not only find new employement but hopefully some of the stimulus money has been able to help you prepare for this day.  If not, you still have time but the suggestion is to plan to vacate as soon as possible.  Many landlords have hoped for this moment and receiving this news 6 weeks ahead is good news to their ears. 

This Pandemic has affected all of us differently so we have to get through this together. If you or someone you know expects to be affected by this news PLEASE reach out to your local GBHNJ Agent and ask for help.  When the evictions begin many will be displaced as well as many landlords will be looking for qualified tenants to fill vacancies; either way we can help!

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  • A federal judge struck down on Wednesday the national eviction moratorium, potentially leaving millions of Americans at risk of losing their homes.
  • Housing advocates have said that the national ban is necessary to stave off an unprecedented displacement of Americans, which could worsen the pandemic just as the country is turning a corner.
  • Property owners have criticized the policy and say landlords can’t afford to continue housing people for free.

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