For those wondering what’s happening in the real estate market for june 2022; let’s have a quick sit down…

As we begin the summer here in NJ we are still seeing homes sell for above-asking price as buyers still dominate the market due to low inventory.  However, there has been a shift slowly starting to occur in the market where homes are not flying off the shelf as fast as it has over the past year and a half.  

For the Sellers:

Sellers need to be aware and price their homes accurately in the current market.  Hoping for 50k over asking price is not a pricing strategy…list for market value and listen to the market when it speaks. 

For the Buyers:

You have survived thru some of the most trying times as a buyer. The covid market has made buying a home extremely difficult and competitive but some relief is on the way.  With more inventory entering the market and a lot of buyers taking a break there is now room for buyers to negotiate and not feel compelled to over bid just to win.  

in JUNE 2022 The market is starting to slowly make a correction and balance out so expect both highs and lows as we find a middle ground. 

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