Once a home owner decides to sell their home they generally reach out to a licensed Realtor for help with the process.  Most times it goes well but then there are times when you need to FIRE and re-hire someone new.

Here are the top 3 reasons it’s time to move on from your current Realtor:


1. Poor communication:

Communication is the cornerstone of all relationships so the communication between Realtor and Seller are the foundation of a smooth transaction.  If you find yourself unable to reach your Agent or find that they can’t seem to keep you updated and informed then you may want to consider a change.

2. Bad Advertisment:

The marketing that goes behind a successful listing starts with quality photos and intriguing descriptions. If you check out your listing and see little or no information or pictures that don’t properly showcase your home then have a conversation and if that doesn’t work consider someone new.

3. Poor Pricing strategy:



If location is one of the most important factors in a successful listing then price is next up in line if not #1.  Some agents are collectors so they are just happy to get your listing. The idea is to price your home to sell not sit. Make sure a comprehensive analysis is done and the price feels right.  The longer it sits the less you will ultimately get. Price right the first time and get that property sold! 


In the end who you choose matters…who you trust with the sale of your home matters. Some agents brag about their track records and actually deliver; while others are so out of touch that your listing gets lost in the sauce.  Choose someone who you know is qualified and follow “your gut” & always remember…