During the shift in the Real Estate market, more and more families find themselves in distressed situations, facing foreclosure and feel that the walls are closing in on them. A Foreclosure is one the most Devastating events that can happy to a family. It destroys your credit, your home is marketed as a “Foreclosure” property in the local newspaper, the local Sherriff’s are sent to remove your family from your home and your home is eventually auctioned off for sale to the highest bidder. This does NOT have to be you!! There are options available that may be able to help. A Short Sale is a healthy alternative to Foreclosure. Being a Certified Distressed Property Expert (CDPE), I see situations like this everyday and I take pride in knowing that in most occasions; I have been able to successfully negotiate a short sale on behalf of my clients and help them retain their integrity and financial future. How can we help you?

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