As you embark on this journey to sell your home there are many boxes you should check to ensure optimal success for your home.  Of course the basics must be covered such as condition, location and pricing but there are other things to consider when preparing to show. 


Your home is your jewel and it is important to keep that jewel looking as beautiful as it can be in order to achieve your goal.  This starts with understanding that buyers are picky and have options so it is crucial to make sure your home stands out and presents well at all times…

  • Expect short notice or late agents/buyers. Of course in a perfect world everyone is on-time but the reality is many may come late and maintaining a smile at the door may be the difference in securing the buyer or turning them off completely.  
  • Maintain your home in ready-to-show condition. Buyers some time lack imagination so keep the house as close to the pictures as possible.  
  • Increase the buyers’ comfort level by giving them privacy by leaving or stepping outside and maintaining your distance
  • Showcase your home as if you were receiving guest: put out fresh flowers, guest towels, and remove any pet or cooking odors.
  • Secure medications, valuables, and weapons
  • Turn off television programs, but create a nice ambiance by playing soft instrumental music.


The attractiveness of a property for sale and its surroundings when viewed from the street.

“landscaping, the front entrance, and the condition of the paint or siding are the biggest factors in curb appeal”


  • Implement a seasonal grounds cleanup
  • Create interest and add color by planting blooming flowers and shrubs
  • Repaint any faded or peeling exterior wood or siding
  • Trim shrubs or trees, especially those that touch the roof or extend over walkways and pools
  • Keep exterior holiday decorations to a minimum


  • Clean light fixtures, remove any coil type light bulbs, install standard maximum wattage bulbs as recommended by the manufacturer
  • Clean windows and open drapes and blinds
  • Leave lights on as much as possible during the day: lamps, niche lighting, and spotlights give your home a cozy feel


  • Touch up interior paint or repaint entire rooms as necessary
  • Clean carpets to remove stains and odors – repair and re-stretch if necessary
  • Re-caulk bathroom tubs and showers
  • Make sure all doors, including closet doors, open freely and latch securely
  • Maximize kitchen and bathroom counter space by clearing counter-tops
  • Keep interior holiday decorations to a minimum

Selling a home is pretty big deal for most. We here at GoodBuy Homes NJ Realty feel that it is our duty to guide our seller clients into a successful process and most times that starts with preparation. Time spent in the beginning and a little maintaining during can help maximize your homes potential and helps us get you the most we can for your home.  A GOOD agent matters!